Eh’ Ah
Harmattan is back again from he’s Died sleep
To disturb the hefty once
To enrich what belong to the young once
In backyard i hear your name
Because that’s the time for you to enriched the surrounding
But every door in my backyard is shaking all because of your hot braise
So then i had to sit inside so that i can be free for your dust
Free from shaking.
Now you have parched me  up and shrivel me
When you have scorched the surrounding of my front-yard and back-yard hoping to be free from your unfairly season
Hoping to free me up from your unfairly season
So that i can leave my hut and buy something for my hungry stomach.


I was with mama fry fish
When i was told that you burnt up his fry fish
And scatter it with your dust of unfairly season
You have indeed showed your mighty power of destruction
You have cooled up the surrounding
They felt useless when you arrival
Even the mighty warrior felt useless when you arrival
Because you can metamorphose everyone
And even the healthy one’s
Should they stop sitting outside?
All because of hazardous nature
Because of your calmness?
I pray one day your dust will never show himself again in these earth
But when will the prayer comes through
Well, let leave that for our God to settle.


If i collapse all because of your chilled braise
What did you expect them to call me
A weakly person
Unhealthy person
Trying to get soak with hot water
And making me to be adamant
To some spoken word i know
But then i felt Embarrassed
Why then should i take you as my friend,
Hell No.


Music to my ears

the notes carry off
passing in pace together
sounds twist in the air
Drum the sound.
Passing through my ear
Feeling the splendor of it
The rhythm of it
is high to feel.
Dancing towards the tone on it rhythm
It make me think like a school boy


Grandma Mirror

Grandma mirror 
She came visiting today
She look into her mirror
To sing her song of joy to her mirror
You think i’m gone
Because i’m nowhere around again to be seen
She arrange her mirror in a right position
Grandma look into the mirror
Remember the memory of her days
      She said
I see you,you see me
I see you in me
You see me in you
I see you here
I see you there
I see you in front
I see you behind my expected taught
She look into the mirror
And Grandma smile
She look deeply and
Saw herself dancing and singing
Her face shines like sparkly


Peeling me Gently
Cutting off my skin
Deep deep
It hot
It burn
Bit by Bit
Cream me up with ashes
Build me up with stones
Light me up with candle light
Chase me with fear
Take my breath away
Take my dark skin away
Oh, it burnt my flesh
My tears are dried up
My face like ashes
My tongue filled with colors
My skin melt like oily

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Dedication of Mothers

Each time i look into your eyes
I find joy and comfort
When i look into your face
I find a shade to rest
Your eyes sparkle like stars
Your face as beautiful as the rainbows
Your smile give me comfort
You are the roof that shelters me
I wonder how life would have been
If you weren’t there
You are the best on earth.

Sometimes i cry

Sometimes i cry,
because i am on my own
The tears I cry are bitter and warm
they flow with life but take no form
I cry because my heart is torn,
and i find it difficult to carry on
I had an ear to confide in,

I would cry among my treasured friends
but who do you know that stops that
long to help another carry on
the world moves fast and it would rather
pass you by than to stop and see what
makes you cry
It’s painful and sad sometimes i cry and
no one cares about why….

BY: Nosakhare Collins